What's this?

What is Top Dutch?

Top Dutch is an initiative from the people of Top of Holland. We’re inviting Tesla to build the European Gigafactory in our beautiful region! Why? Top of Holland is Europe’s energy transition region. Tesla is an energy company, shaping the future of clean, renewable energy. A Gigafactory is an ideal fit with our renewable energy ecosystem.

Why this campaign?

One of the greatest challenges for companies is to find qualified employees. Well, we’re Top Dutch, so let’s reach out to Tesla. Would you want to work for an old-fashioned corporate? Or would you rather work for a company that is changing the world?

What is Tesla?

Tesla is a renewable energy company, shaping the future of clean, renewable energy. You may know it from these great cars they build, but they do much more! They produce energy storage batteries and solar panels for homes and energy companies. And that's what the Gigafactory is all about. CEO Elon Musk is one of the wealthiest persons in the world and the founder of numerous businesses.

What is a Gigafactory?

Tesla built their first Gigafactory in Nevada, United States. CEO Elon Musk announced that they're planning multiple new Gigafactories, maybe even two in Europe. In this Gigafactory Tesla will produce lithium-ion battery cells for their cars. According to the Tesla website the name Gigafactory comes from the factory’s planned annual battery production capacity of 35 gigawatt-hours (GWh).

What kind of jobs will there be?

If Tesla builds a Gigafactory in the Top of Holland, they will be looking for thousands of bright young talents. Engineers, technicians, facility supervisors, you name it. What would you like to do? Check out the complete list on the signup form.

Why should I support this?

By showing your interest in this campaign, you’re supporting our efforts to build a better, cleaner world with affordable energy for everyone. Together we’ll try to get great companies like Tesla to our region. Although we are fully committed to this cause, we can’t promise that Tesla will actually build their first European Gigafactory in our region. And even when they do, we can’t guarantee you a job.

What we do promise is that we’re putting all our energy into attracting international companies to our region, maybe even competitors of Tesla, because we’re dedicated to taking the lead in energy transition no matter what. We just need your help! And sorry, signing up doesn’t give you any rights.

Why can’t I win prizes anymore?

The 'Are You Top Dutch?' promotion is over! You can still sign up and become #TopDutch, but you can’t win prizes anymore. Check out the Terms and Conditions for more information.

What about my privacy?

We love high privacy standards. We use encrypted connections and we protect your data.
We don’t sell or share data with anyone. There are three ways your data is used:

1. We calculate the sum of entries in our database and will publish the total number of entries completely anonymously as metadata. Nothing else. We use Google Analytics to track how people use this website in order to manage and improve Top Dutch. This information is collected anonymously.

2. If Tesla or another similar company decides to build their factory / office in our region, we will give them access to our database so they can reach out to you if they want to tell you more about their job vacancies.

3. As a new Top Dutch hero we may need your help at times to promote our #TopDutch campaign, so we may send you a few messages to let you know what we might need. No spam!

What about the terms and conditions?

1. Supplier
Top Dutch

2. Promotion period
The Are You Top Dutch? promotion runs from 19 June 2017 up to and including 18 July 2017. Only people who registered at topdutch.com during this period will have the chance to win one of the prizes.

3. Participation
You can take part in this promotion by completing the entire registration form on the website. The prizes listed under 5. will be raffled at random among the participants.

4. Gameplay
The participants are automatically entered into the promotion prize draw when they confirm by confirmation e-mail. Their personal information is sufficient for participation and as such, the participant automatically agrees to the promotional terms and conditions. No further action needs to be taken.

5. The prizes
The following prizes will be raffled for the registered people:
- 8-day trip for two people to San Francisco with a day trip to Silicon Valley, organised by Internoord Groningen. The trip can be booked until one year after anouncing the prize winner. (€ 5.000)
- 10 x WakaWaka Power+ (€ 60)
- 50 x € 10 gift card Spotify, iTunes or Bol.com
- 50 x powerbank (2000mAh) (€ 7)

6. Participants
In order to be entered into the draw for the trip, you must be 16 years or over and have a valid (Dutch) passport. One of the people travelling must be 18 or over and also have a valid (Dutch) passport.

Top Dutch has the right to exclude a participant from the promotion if the participant has provided incorrect, incomplete or misleading information, or in case of fraud or attempted fraud. Exclusion means that the participant is not eligible in any way to win any prize.

Anyone connected with Top Dutch is excluded from this promotion.

7. Winners
One winner of the trip will be announced.

By participating, the winner consents to cooperate in promotional activities at the request of Top Dutch, which includes the prize presentation. During the presentation, photos/videos will be taken of the winner. The copyright/portrait right of this material will remain with Top Dutch. In addition, the winner will also be required to create a small travel journal and take some photos with Top Dutch spectacles during the trip, which can then be used by Top Dutch for social media purposes. 

The winners of the prizes will be notified via the e-mail address they supplied and will also be announced via a press release and on this website. The results will not be subject to any correspondence.

8. Promotional terms and conditions
These promotional terms and conditions always take precedence over other communication.

9. Complaints
If a participant has a complaint or objection relating to this promotion, the participant can make this known by way of a letter sent to Top Dutch, FAO Helperpark 278, 9723 ZA Groningen.

10. Liability
Top Dutch excludes any liability for damages of any nature arising from or in connection with this promotion.

What's your disclaimer?

This website has been created with the utmost possible care. However, no rights may be derived from the information on the website. The copyright of all content on this website remains entirely with Top Dutch. Top Dutch does not accept any liability for damages related to the use of this website or to the (temporary) unavailability of this website. Top Dutch is not responsible for the content of websites referred to, nor for other websites that refer to this website.